RNGN 120400 Round Solid CBN Turning Insert for Turning of Slurry Pump and other Chromium CI Materials


  • CBN Turning insert for Chrome CI Cast Iron Turning of metal of hardness up to 60 HRC, CBN ensures stable machining, High Precision Korean Cutting Tool
  • Model Number: RNGN120400.
  • Material: CBN- Cubic Boron Nitride¬†
  • Packaging Detail: 1 Piece Pack
  • High Hardness Cast Iron HRC 50-64 Cutting Speed: 50-100 (m/min)
  • Grey Cast Iron Machining Speed HB 200: 500-1000 V(m/min)
  • Tested Sample: Cutting Speed V 40-80 mm/min , Chunk Speed: 32 RPM, Job Diameter:- 850 mm for Slurry Pump

Round Solid CBN (cubic boron nitride) is second only to diamond in hardness. CBN is a synthetically produced material for stable machining due to its high thermal conductivity. High hardness results in superior wear resistance and long tool life. High-speed cutting is applicable to heat-treated steel and cast iron. Heat conductivity is good, and prompt heat evacuation and stable cutting are possible. Since it was first introduced as a cutting tool material in the 1980s, the use of cubic boron nitride (CBN) has evolved to become a common machining solution. The application areas include hardened steels, cast irons, heat-resistant superalloys (HRSA), and powdered metals. These workpiece materials have one thing in common; they are generally recognized as being difficult to machine. A CBN insert can withstand the high cutting temperatures and forces and still retain its cutting edge. This is why CBN delivers a long, consistent tool life and produces components with an excellent surface finish.


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